Angar represents a new concept in Armenian market for rest and entertainment. It is suitable both for small or large family parties and for corporate events.


Angar restaurant is a magnificent place with modern interior offering its guests only the finest dishes.

Our highly qualified chef will serve you the most delicious and tasteful dishes of Lori with modern European approaches.

Degustation Zone

We are famous for our superior alcohol drink Samela, which is produced in Angar. It is a strong fruit beverage prepared from 7 types of fruits – peaches, pears, apples, mulberries, cornels, apricots and plums. We have prepared a separate degustation zone for tasting Samela. In the result of various tests and probations we have created a new mechanism and recipe for making this delicious alcoholic beverage Samela.

Event Zone

Angar is a place where various and the most unique ideas are brought into life. Our imagination and fantasy is infinite and our possibilities are great. All our creative solutions, luxurious light effects, wonderful music and delicious food are for making your evenings unforgettable in Angar Event zone.

We organize:

  • Family parties,
  • Weddings and birthdays,
  • Parties for friends,
  • Crazy and spectacular concerts,
  • Corporate and team-building events.

We don’t have small and big events – we pay attention to any detail. We can host up to 1000 people in Angar at the same time.

Picnic Zone

Picnic zone in Angar is located under star-like tent on the bank of the river Pambak with modern solutions of boho-style. Every detail is aimed at raising your mood. Here you can taste delicious food, relax and play joyful fun games. Beautiful photos taken here will always remind you of unforgettable moments spent in Angar.

Bonfire zone

The zone for bonfire is created to fill your evenings with warm and pleasant atmosphere. The sound of flowing water of the river accompanied with sounds of guitar, songs about love and friendship will make your evening memorable throughout all your life. You will have an opportunity to observe the starry sky and taste something delicious and tasty.

Bar zone

Angar’s bar is famous for its cocktails made with flavorful Samela. Our barmen will surprise you giving high emotions and creating passionate atmosphere. In Angar we create Mood.

Art zone

Armenia is an amazing country and is homeland for many talented people. In Art zone we regularly organize exhibitions and expositions of works created by both famous and amateur sculptors and artists. Probably you may buy the works you like.

Grill zone

The most tasteful and unique dishes are prepared in Angar’s grill zone. You can observe how our chef prepares food for you and enjoy taking part in the process.

Lounge zone

Mood and atmosphere in Angar’s lounge zone is created by you. Here you can find a peaceful place for a cup of coffee discussing important questions or play intellectual or board games. This is the place where we have combined old and vintage decorations and style with modern approaches.